A lazy man’s guide to Personal Development


You know what the problem with today’s Personal Development industry is?


But I mean, come on, let’s face it, if you’re not lazy, then why the fuck do you need Personal Development in the first place? You’re gonna just work your butt off until you get “There” anyways, and some day, you’re gonna just magically be there.

If you’re not lazy, this article is NOT FOR YOU. So Shew, get out of here you pesky non-lazy person. This is a LAZY-ONLY ARTICLE.

Hello my lazy friend! Welcome. Ah, it’s good to be around other fellow lazy people, isn’t it? We don’t judge each other for being fat, lazy, ugly and broke. To be quite frank, we’re the Role-Models for this society.

We really know how life works, eh? What do the others know about “The Good Life”?

Exactly, not a God damn thing! They think Life is about Work, and Toil, Struggle and accumulating stuff. They think it’s about Achieving Great dreams, and building a better tomorrow.

And all the time they get angry, frustrated, bitter and jealous cause “they are being denied their rightful share of the pie”. And they call us lazy as if it’s some kind of plague.

We don’t go around calling them “Not-lazy”. We don’t make them out to be villains, like they do us. Wanna see real personal development in action? How about this:

BE TOLERANT toward other people’s weirdness!

We get it, they’re so busy with their achievement and goal-setting that they’ve forgot the simple art of just being Tolerant. If you ask me, they could stand to learn from us a little bit.

Busy busy, busy little bees, with their 9:00 to 17:00 work-days, complaining they don’t get enough day’s rest and sleep and being bitter about it both at work and at home. Is that the “Better” they preach?

Ah, sweet laziness. We’re too lazy to work. We work, if and when we feel like it. In the mean time, money be damned. We would even get up and eat our food, if we weren’t so damn lazy. But you don’t see us stressing out, do you?

We’re too lazy to do even that. Why bother with the stress? What good will it do?

You know what we’re NOT too lazy to do, though? The things we REALLY LIKE, like sleeping, staring at the ceiling daydreaming, planning and imaginary future that will never happen but that maybe some lunatic will get to building for us.

If you want real happiness and a real relaxation with life, look no further than a lazy person, but a True LAZY person. A person who’s so lazy, he’s Too Lazy to even be Lazy.

That person’s not lazy.  THAT PERSON IS LAZINESS ITSELF

And let’s face it, we all long for our LAZY DAYS, our Sick Leaves, the days where we have all the time to ourselves, where we can sleep in bed until 11:30 AM without anybody saying anything.

Here’s to all my lazy friends! BE LAZY. Be Bold. And don’t let the Mass-Media bullshit it’s way into your brain. Being TRULY LAZY is not the enemy. It might just be our salvation. To be too lazy to put up with other person’s Bullshit, cause you just have too much piled up of your own.

Here’s to our Lazy Days. Here’s to our Pauses. Here’s to Eternal Sundays. May they be fruitful and Multiply. And last but not least, here’s to all the people who are too lazy to read this.

 Coming Soon – A lazy man’s guide to Personal Development – The Book (if I stop being so Lazy)