The Middle Way – The way of Love

The_Golden_Path_by_MasterwksThe nature of a human being can not be discerned by actions alone. One must look deeper, much deeper to glimpse all the myriad of motives, fears, longings and past events, all the network of possibilities that eventually lead to the action observed.

In the absence of such probing and understanding, any judgement based on mere facts is at best blind and at worst demonic.

True wisdom requieres a great deal of analysys, an investigation of the roots and the eventual ramifications of past and present motives and actions. One can not be hasty in determining if an action is good or bad, right or wrong, and if the character of the person doing it is to be endowed or condemned with the same characteristics.

True justice requieres wisdom and true wisdom requiers a great deal of curiosity, patience and a neverending desire to gain deeper insight and deeper understanding.

Of course, in the end, all of this must be tempered by love, for the posibilities are too many for a human mind to grasp or understand. There are too many past or future possible universes to take into account, and only love can make a roadmap out of the myriad of possibilities.

As Aristotle in his Nicomachian ethics once said “Some vices miss what is right because they are deficient. Other because they are excessive in feelings or in action. While virtue finds and chooses the mean” The virtue, the mean, the middle path is the path of Love.

There are 7:

1. Strength
2. Joy
3. Power
4. Love
5. Will
6. Insight
7. Unity

The mean, the middle point and the strongest of them all, the one who contains all and who is contained by all is Love. It is at the middle between 1 and 7. It is the point of unity and the point of singularity and when you see a person’s actions through the eyes of love, you will see into millions of years of his past and all possible futures and determine the leyline of love guiding his actions.

For you to be a wise leader of your own life this is not an ability you can do without. I can be your guide through the corridors of your heart, if you trust me. Join me. I want to discover the path alongside you.

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