5 reasons to be good these days

“Is there any point to being good these days?” an acquaintance of mine asked me. I promised him I would write an article on this topic. Well here it is.


Yes, being good, for my mind, is the ONLY way to be. Good natured, good hearted, good humored, this is the way to go if you are looking for long lasting happiness. But if you’re the kind of person who watches the news and feels cheated cause other people are born into rich families and have all the opportunities while you have to struggle for each and every thing you earn, if you look up to those who put little or no value into their work yet scam the audience to get their attention, admiration and money, you may not think like I do.

Who do you admire? The person who really puts out value and gets few praises and results, or the sly person who offers almost no value, charges a fortune for it and gets it? Show me where your loyalties lie and I will show you what kind your person you are! Are your loyalties to being good and doing good, or to getting by with minimum effort and grabbing only what life will offer for free?

There are so many reasons to be good in this world I could write a book about  them and not be done with it, so I will limit myself to just 5 for this article.


1. Like attracts like


What do you want in your life: cooperation and people who help one another as a team along the way, or competition and jungle law where those around you are constantly suspicious and jealous of your success and trying to steal it away from you before you steal it away from them?

If you’re a good person, you’ll attract more persons that are on the same vibe as you, that is good persons, helpful persons, merciful, kind, honest, gentle persons. Do you want that? If you do, this should be reason enough for you to want to be good no matter what the cost. As long as you have friends and loved ones you can count on, being poor, being single, being afraid is suddenly not such a big thing anymore.

By the way, friends, lovers, and even money like good people more than bad people. They’re just better to be around, they give off a positive vibe!


2. Good people have more fun

crazy smile

Would you rather be bored or angry all day long, or would you like to have fun and taste life to the fullest? Well being good correlates positively with fun! Good-natured people smile more, make fun of themselves more and thusly are not only not bothered, but rather amused by other people’s criticisms. They also have more self respect so are less likely to take things personally. Being naturally in a good vibe, they are light-hearted, wear their heart on their sleeve, and have an inner glow and joy like no other. They almost literally light up when they see other people and as such are like human suns, little mini-suns that generate heat and light wherever they appear. I wish one crosses your path, because he will certain brighten up your day.


3. Good people are healthier


Well this should come as no surprise. Being “good” means you forgive more. You forgive yourself more, you forgive others more, and that’s the emotional equivalent of taking a shower. Comparing that to “bad” people, you start to get the notion that good people have cleaner and better smelling emotions while bad people just have stinky emotions. Let’s not sugar coat it, it’s true. Not forgiving yourself or others will start you on a premature road to all sorts of diseases including heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, ulcer, skin conditions and many many others.

Good news if you’re good though. The likelihood of these kinds of diseases and not only is reduced, because being good is a natural and FREE way of stimulating your immune system and detoxifying your organism. Being good not only does not auto-induce self-generated stress (toxins) but also stimulates the immune system with dopamine and other well-being hormones.


4. Good people are richer

valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated

Yes, good people are richer even in money. Whoever says good people never amount to anything and will not get to multi-billionaire status better check the facts. Being good natured not only allows you to rich very high levels of income more easily, but is also a safety net. Good people tend to get less competition and more cooperation from their networks, and if they stumble, their network will be there to back them up, unlike bad people who will be surrounded by individualistic and opportunistic people, like themselves, who can’t wait for the opportunity to snatch their throne

But good people are richer in what REALLY makes a man rich: Love, compassion, wisdom, meaning, purpose, positive drive, generosity. These positively correlate with money, but even if money is not yet on the table, a good person will not only generate but also be surrounded by the love , compassion, wisdom and generosity of the one he loves and protects. Sure, a mean and domineering person may scare a few persons into submission and may lead for a time with an iron fist, but it will not long remain so. But a good person, even if he is neglected right now, will in the end be remarked by someone and will reap the benefits of his good nature.


5. Being good is SHEER AWESOMENESS


Many would have you believe that being good means being a wimp, a pussy, that you have no boundaries, no self esteem, and bad people will take advantage of you and basically screw you in the ass. Pay no heed to those words, for they are poison and indeed False. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, being Good, being truly and intentionally and outrageously good person is the most mature, enlightened and AWESOME thing you can be!

If you are not an adept of Novacism, or don’t even know what Novacism is, I suggest warmly to look HERE. Novacism is the religion of AWESOMENESS. I’m not the God of Awesomeness (But my friend Iulian Novac is) and he is a true testament of an outrageously good person. Indeed, he is still human, just like any of us, he is humble, he will show you how great you are instead of boasting about his own greatness, but will readily acknowledge his own awesomeness as well.  And I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his kind words for my birthday.  This article is dedicated to you, Iuli, you awesome outrageous godlike person, for having the sheer guts, balls and goodness that makes you shine a light on other people’s gifts and really makes me believe that Nietzsche might have been onto something with his Overman concept.