Agitation – an exploration of the 51.1 EQ


Inexperience which leads to Emotional Agitation

So being a Personality Mars (or EQ), this Agitation triggers your Emotional Defense System, because of not only Inexperience on a Conscious and Learning level, but also the urge to go out there and experience something, anything, just in order to get rid of the Inexperience through DOING something instead of just Receiving Life In and Digesting it.

I say this particular type of agitation you have is triggered by a difuse celular feeling of “i haven’t been through enough experience yet to be confident in my ability to handle what comes next” because Mars is an expression of Inexperience, of youth in the sense of “not yet ripe” and because you said it is on the Personality, so that inexperience is not based on what has been handed down to you as a legacy from your lineage, but has more to do with what you learned or didn’t learn in this lifetime through your own experimentation process.
Basically, your emotions are yanked out of their usual calmness and centerdness (remember, the 51 is part of the Circuit of Centering along with the 34 the 10 and the 25) when this feeling arises that “I haven’t developed suficient skill or aptitudes through experience for me to handle what comes next. I don’t know what kind of storm I’m getting into and I don’t know what the necessary preparations and safety measures in this kind of storm are. I am afraid I will get greivously wounded”

Recognition and Adaptation to Shock

The 51st hexagram is, acording to the Rave I Ching “the ability to respond to shock through recognition and adaptation”. And even though it says “Individual Initiative”, my sense of it is that it’s not your initiative at all, but rather this is more a Receptive than a Creative hexagram and it has to do with “Being initiated by life”. And yes, after receiving your initiation, then you can take initive of your own.
So the 51st hexagram personality Mars is afraid it cannot recognize what kind of storm it’s going in and what kind of adaptation to imput for him to survive, therefore it becomes AGITATED.
That Martian Energy is like Mars Itself, it will not sit idly by and do nothing, it’s like the drill sargeant using his whip yelling out “Move maggot, why are you sitting around doing nothing waiting for lightning to strike? DO SOMETHING, get out there, learn, develop some sort of lightning-protection plan instead of looking Shocked!”
Yet it it exactly that impulse that will not lead the energy to the desired result, for instead of bowing its head in front of the wise man and receiving with a humble heart his initiation, the inexperienced Martian energy will “go out there to learn something”, and what it learns is that “Oh, maybe I should have just kept receptive and received my initiation”

The path to a higher octave of Centerdness

The 51 in general becomes agitated when it feels uncentered, and then responds to that feeling of being knocked off-balance by trying to WILL (it is a gate of the Ego after all) itself back into balance, do DO something to get back into balance rather than accepting that you are being initiated from the level of centerdness you currently have to a new level of centerdness you are being led into.
So on top of the natural uncenterdness that is a normal and natural part of going to the next level of being centered, by trying to “Remain centered in the same spot at all costs”, it actually wounds and hurts itself.
Instead of accepting “Oh, life is initiating me” it goes “Fuck, I lost my center, gotta get back to my center. NOW!”
Now, on top of that we add a new layer, the layer of the Line, the 1, which in the case of the 51st hexagram is either an Exaltation of Pluto or a detriment of Venus.
So the Martian energy you have either STRENGTHENES the quality of the advantage Pluto gives you (reconsidering and letting the old die to make room for the new), or it strengthens the weakness of the detriment Venus can give you (addictions, thrill seeking no matter the cost and the kind of debauch like in the orgies of Bachus, with no regard for the consequences)
Pluto is also considered in astrology to be the highest octave of Mars.
Even in archetypal terms, Mars is the Warrior of Light , who slays the old and the shadow in order for the new to emerge. The death (which is Pluto’s domain) is carried out through War against our lesser undisciplined nature, which is Mars’s domain

Reference – Receiving a new Set of Bearings

The 51.1 is Reference – the advantage of previous Crisis Experience
So now we begin to see what this particular agitation is all about: Having no references in regards to the “Arousing Thunder” (the i-ching of the 51st key), or having painful references of it.
And because it’s a line 1`, we know from the GeneKeys, you can “feel it in your bones” and it directly relates to inner Structure and the Body. The Body registers the Agitation and goes “Oh boy, I’m about to cave in if I get hit by another lightning. I’m a gonner!”
The key to line 1 we also know is THE BREATH. As the feeling of “I’m not experienced enough or capable enough to go through this initiation” Arises (like thunder), the breath becomes constricted as we brace ourselves to get hit by lightning, never realizing that by doing this we are forcing our own internal energy into a closed loop that will build up and eventually discharge itself into the lightning bolt we feared in the first place.
And of course, this pattern, even though recognized mentally is of a Physical engrained nature, so just knowing it’s there won’t really uproot it, cause the Physical just takes more time to change.
But breathing more deeply when you realize it has become shallow(er) may be a good way to tackle this issue on an Acute immediate level.

In for an Overhaul – Being Re-Examined by Life

The Exalted 51.1 is the Plutonic quality exalted which reads “The gift of re-examination that is the foundation for preparedness”.
So puting it into context, what the Martian energy is asked to do or initiate in this case is not external experience, but an openness and allowing of internal re-examination.
It is not the will or the consciousness who re-examinates though, or at least that’s my sense of it. We are not iniating ourselves, we are re-examined and re-evaluated by life, and by allowing it to do just that, it is our bones, our body that will receive what they are meant to receive through the initiation, thus naturally becoming centered on a whole new level.
Our job, if we could call it that, would be then to just nurture that RECEPTIVITY to letting go of our old self, to letting our neural pathways be short-circuited by life and make sure the receptivity doesn’t close down and try to refuse the death of what it is that needs to change.

No Awareness – Just let Go

Awareness is not involved in this process, this is not an aware channel or gate. There’s no awareness in the 25/51, so this is just about letting the 51 receive the direction of the 25.
This is the gate of empowering a direction of love and the direction is the Love of Life itself and its many shocks and challenges for Survival on a higher and higher level.
This level of Physical life is not the only level there is to survive on, allthough it is the level we are mainly focusing our survival focus on.
There are other levels of existence on a higher octave than this one, and this level we are on is a Forge where we sharpen our edge for surviving on higher and higher levels.
Consider the level of the Ascended Masters, or the level of Angels or Archangels we are aware of.

Earth – A training Ground for Survival on Higher Planes

Survival and even thriving on that level does not automatically happen. we learn it here on earth, we are initiated into it here on earth.
I know this is getting a bit mystical here, but hey, that’s what you signed up for when you said “YES” to the GeneKeys.
I see us as Ascended Masters or Archangels in training, and this 51st Key of Shock and Agitation i feel is a Pivotal point in it.
For my mind, the Ego, where the 51st is located is correlated to the inferior heart chackra, the place of the “mirror wall” that blocks our awareness of the higher octave, of the next 3 chakras.

Heaven – Just a Half-Step Away

And the 51st key specifically i feel describes the PLACE of the mirror wall. This is the place where we receive the initiation into the higher dimension. This is the half-step we must take for our centerdness to go to the next level.
Of course we have no References of what the next Centerdness will look like. Of course we’re afraid of being hit by lightning and dying.
Actually, this is the hexagram of Wounding and as Richard brilliantly puts it, the energy ends up wound-up around our DNA. It makes us be so “wound up” and constricted that the breath has no chance to penetrate and activate the deeper levels of us.

The Fear of Getting Wounded

We are afraid here not so much of dying, but by getting wounded.
“My heart cannot take another shock”, we think to ourselves, so we become AGGITATED fearing the lightning-bolt.
I feel this particular feeling of agitation also relates to what is experienced as “Stage Fright”. We fear going on stage, cause when we do, all that energy of the Crowd rushes towards us and we feel electrified.
But the Thunder, instead of being a sign of us being incinerated by lightning is just the Thundering applause of the Crowd yearning to gift us their energy and love.
The world Wants to love us, it needs to love us. Energy has been given to it specifically for it to be Rained down upon us, and yes, they need to discharge it, and we need to be charged by it.
And going through this initiation in the 51st key is exactly Letting the Rush of Lightning in! Letting the Crowd give us, the actor its energy.

Emotional Withdrawal – Yes, you can TAKE IT!

On the flip side, the Venus Detriment, the 51.1 is the tendency from emotional withdrawal after shock. The weakness of the ego in times of challenge.
This is the ego fearing “I can’t take another lightning bolt, I’m caving in!”
It is what all line 1’s fear: Crumbling to bits, being absolutely Demolished.
But that’s just the usual line 1’s fear of the unknown, and because it’s Mars it’s fear due to lack of experience.
Experience will come. The body need not worry.
And what I found helps, is PHYSICAL REASSURANCE for somebody you hold dear and especially consider an expert in his own right.
Line 1 resonates with other line 1’s and 4. So the best thing that will work is a person who is either kind and warm, like the 4, or stable and maybe an expert in his own right, like the 1.
If they give you a strong but gentle hug and really hold you there for 20 minutes, i think it will do wonders to help you get through agitation with less friction.
Pfew, this was a long one. I sure hope that helped and you weren’t bored