Cornerstones – Stories and Understandings (a line 1 & 3 Contemplation)

The lines of the I-Ching are key to understanding both Human Design and the Gene Keys. They are Cornerstones, patterns you can find anywhere in nature. Like the 6 Chords of the Guitar, they make up the Song we call “Life”.

Each “Line” relates to a Platonic Solid, and, as we know, there are only 6 platonic solids which make up every single thing in existence. Yes, that means YOU TOO!

The following is a personal contemplation of the nature and interrelations of the 1st and 3rd of the 6 “Lines”, “Solids” or “Archetypes”.

And yes, I’m a line 1, so it’s gonna be IN-DEPTH 🙂

With a 1st line being, it’s always about the Deep Understanding of how it works.

No other line will be more intrested in the nitty-gritty infinitesimal details of how it works and how it all fits together.

1st lines will have a natural obsession with the question “What makes this up and how does it all work?”

If there’s digging to be done, call a 1st line being. He’ll get to the bottom of it… eventually.

They are famous for their In-Depth approach

If you want something more “Light”, shallow or on the surface, you won’t get it here.
A 1st line being is genetically driven and programmed to investigate IN DEPTH.
So naturally, he will not be able to stand anything that does not promiss a deep essence.
If something is shallow, it’s not a decision on their part, but they will smell it right away and it will be the most powerful repelling force for them.
For them, something shallow is naturally repelling
That does not mean they never do shallow stuff or that everything they do is deep. That’s simply not true.
They need the freshness something “light”, which does not require extensive understanding brings.
And they will even be extremely eager for it.
But this will never be their attraction point, cause it can’t be.

They are naturally built around in-depth investigation, analysis and underatanding.

They “do the homework” of understanding

All the other lines go “Homework, eeeew! Are you crazy? We don’t wanna, it’s too taxing on our sanity”

Or “We don’t all have the same homework. Everybody has just his own homework”

And the 1st lines watch them baffled and think “Why the Blazes don’t they love homework? Homework is simply aweaome. 炒外汇入门 It’s the best part of life. What would life be without this? It would be boring as fuck if we had nothing to investigate and understand”

Fortunately for all the line 1’s, there’s no shortage of investigation needing to be done or of a need for hard-core deep understanding of the mysteries of the Universe or of some area of life.
They have enough delicious work laid out before them to delight in.

And they’re not doing the research so it benefits themselves only. Sure, the introspection and investigation process in itself will be deeply personally satisfying for them

But the results and the journey of investigation are FOR SHARING.
Just as the 3rd line does all the EXPERIMENTING and TESTING for all the Hexagram, the 1st line beings do ALL THE RESEARCH and investigation.

This service is not for them, but for everybody. Every line needs to walk the path of understanding, the path the first line walks.
It allows them to understand

-Who they are
-What their place is in the world
-How do they fit into the Grand Scheme

And they will not discover that on their own. Not in depth anyways.
A 2nd line will not tell them. It can’t. It’s out there, doing its thing.
A 3rd line will be too busy experimenting.
Neither will a 4th, 5th or 6th line guide them to those answers. They simply serve other functions.

So it falls to the 1’s of the world to dig hard, dig deep and deliver the unserstandings that all need, but that they are tasked and equiped to bring about

Now the 3, the 3 is a completely different story.
It’s not about digging deep in order to “get to the bottom of” something.

3’s are also about understanding, but in a completely different form and fashion alltogether.

3’s are not really about “Finding out” anything. They just are not. It’s not their trip.

But they are about EXPERIMENTING with what is on the practical, material plane.

Experimenting is not “Finding out” if it works or not

It’s not about getting to the bottom of whether it holds some truth or not.

3’s are not “holders of truth”
But they are “holders of experience”, and lots of it.

They don’t hold Truth or Hard Facts, allthough they feel they do.

3’s hold Stories. Not just 1 story, but many. They are the quintesential traveler who seek out an adventure not knowing exactly what they’re looking for, just that the Wanderlust (yearning for adventure) calls them

They go from tribe to tribe, from experience to experience carried not by their own will, but by an unseen mysterious mystical, even magical force on their unknown path of destiny.

And they carry their stories. They are Loremasters, poets, bards, troubadours, telling countless stories from all sorts of different lands and points of view.

When you meet a 3, you meet a WALKING STORYHOUSE, a collection of trinkets from near and far

He has a story for everything, a lived, breathed first hand experience. And that aliveness and exoticness is what makes a fully fledged 3 so deeply enriching.

One story of his can inspire 100 people in 100 different ways.

He tells of places that others have never seen, of things that seem crazy or impossible, of places near and places far, of times future and times past.

And to others, it is like they themselves have lived it, once they hear the story

A 3 is a most welcomed guest at any table. He brings “The News”, but he also brings the joy and the stories to a table.

Cause nothing warms a table and transforms a lifeless house into a living home like a good story, told with heart.

“Come on, let me tell you a story! the aura of a 3 says. Let me tell you what I lived, let me show you the world through my eyes. You’ll like it, the unspoken words of a 3 seem to say”

This is all about PLAY. A 3 does not Know life. He does not hold onto something fixed.

He experiments with life. He has a direct, firsthand experience of it.
Then he tells the story of his experience.

He plays with life, and he plays with you.

And non 3’s all serious and gruff go all nuts cause they can’t pin him down

“Quit fooling around” of “Quit playing with me”, “What do you think, that it’s all a game?”

Well yeah, for 3’s it IS all a game

But the “Interesting” stuff for them is not Understanding in depth how the game works or expressing themselves through the game.

For them, the fun is in BEING IN THE GAME AND PLAYING IT, being so immersed in the game, you’re all lost in the game, you’re one with the game and finally YOU ARE THE GAME.

Quit playing with me, they say, visibly puzzled.
“What else am I to do? I am the game. What else am I gonna do besides play?” a 3 would reply

Of course, when you’re so completely identified with the game and the dance, basically you dissapear. There’s no you to be found.

You’re still you, breathing, speaking, interracting, feeling like yourself and not thinking “This is all a game to me, an act, a show”
But in the identified state, you feel lile the same you, except other people can’t reach you to talk to you.
It’s like you can see them, everything is as it’s always been but they can’t see you

For the 3, there’s no discontinuity between the identified and the unidentified state.

That’s why to him it’s so puzzling when someone tells him “he made the switch”, cause that would necesitate a discontinuity.

And for him the experience is continuous, so he cannot feel any sort of “switch” between the normal state and the altered state.

It’s what makes him such a great story teller.

He enters the room. He is a stranger telling a story

But as the story starts, he doesn’t even realize that at a point, his whole dynamic and expressiom just Shift and he becomes from “The Storyteller” the living breathing embodied experience field of the story itself.

But he feels no different. For him there’s no gap, no transition. That’s the MAGIC.

He is THE BRIDGE and through him, the bridging occurs.

He gets people into his story, into his view. And all see the world through his eyes

People will gather, will shower him with gifts and treasures and will humbly ask:

Storyteller, Storyteller, would you please open your magical book of stories for us and open the door to that land?

And like a playful old man who has seen a lot, the 3 will say

“Ok, you rascals, I’ll grant you your wish, scince you asked so nicely. Come. Gather around the fire. Let me tell you then, of that time when…”

And there they are. Breathing in that universe

That is the magic of the 3. Jumping in and out at will between realms, experimenting here on earth with all the things at hand.

And coming at the Story Circle to tell of his adventures, exploits and many experiences.

Life is a grand game. And the 3 is both the player and the game itself.

It’s never a dull day if you’re a 3. There’s always some new game to play, some new experience to have, some new story to tell