Relationships and Lines 5 and 6 – Deep Dive


Caution! Really Really Long Article. I’m writing it all in one flow, so if you’re not into deep dives, DON’T READ IT.

However, if you relish deep dives and love creative contemplation, maybe this is just the thing you were waiting for. Let’s dive!


We know many things about the lines of our own profile, and that’s superb, but how much contemplation have we done about the lines of our Significant Other’s lines?
Cause if we are to really be loving and caring partners in a relationship, and not just assume that by default we are the best and we diserve anything, we need to not only KNOW OURSELVES but also KNOW THE OTHER.
As much as we don’t like it and as much as at times it feels unconfortable (because our system doesn’t know how to adapt to that new person or situation and evolutionary growth stress sets in), we are not in a relationship with a perfect double of us.
The other has his or her own uniqueness and nobody forces us to enter a relationship with that, but if we do, it is our job to nurture it.
It is also our responsibility to follow our own imperative and not to alter our path forever just to please or appease the other.
Just like living with your own self means making all of the different and contrairy aspects of yourself come together and work in synergy as one whole, so too being in a couple is the same kind of process only much more complex, cause you have 100% control over your inner world, but in a couple you have 0% control over the inner world of the other.
Nothing will ever give a complete answer to the eternal question “How do I live with another?” but explorations are possible.
Do we give in to the other’s demands and pressures just so we avoid conflict and confrontation?
Do we cut off a part of ourselves in order for the other to have “enough space for himself in the relationship”
Do we become this tactful diplomatic wanna-be who always expresses himself moderately and respectfully in order not “treat the other right” even if our core being is a Frank Direct and sometimes a bit brash?
Do we censor and edit our every thought before we express it for the fear of “not coming off as disrespectful or discourteous toward the one we love”?
How much is “too much” politeness, care and respect and how little is “too little”?
And maybe most of all, who decides?
Who decides if we are respectful or not?
Who decides if we are loving or not
Who decides if we are faithful or not
Who decides if we are trust-worthy or not?
Who gets not only the last say, but because there is a pressure for both parts to agree on the same definition of a situation for connection to be maintained, who gets the ONLY SAY, the say that will be applied by both parties to a situation or person?
Again, no answer cand suffice to sate this questions, but contemplation of them may yield valuable insights.
And keeping all of these questions in mind, I would bring to the front 2 lines that because of my profile and the profile of my significant other are at the fore-front of my contemplation: Line 5 and Line 6.
Let’s delve deeper into some aspects we might not have talked about. These lines are Universes in and of themselves. They have so many layers and dimensions that one human life is not nearly enough to fully comprehend even one of them. But we make due with what we’ve got and we never abandon the contemplation. We’re just Life looking at itself in the mirror.
If we remember the Psychological Model of the Psyche proposed by Sigmund Freud, we see a 3 part model:
– The ID, the Nucleus, the Core of the Being
– The EGO, the Being Itself and its sense of Self, of I am
– The SUPER-EGO, the Conscience of the being, that Rules, Regulates and Controls the other Aspects
It is a holy Trinity, just like the Holy Spirit, The Son and the Father
This is just my own contemplation, but for my mind I also see these 3 binaries in the lines
Lines 1 and 2 correspond to the ID, the core nature of the being. It is not the being itself, but what underpins it, the Cause and the Spirit behind it.
It is what I call the Impersonal level when I look at how the lines see themselves as others, or the Self Level when I look at Interraction, because the 1 and the 2 are mainly unconcerned with inter-personal business, but with minding their own
Lines 3 and 4 correspond to the EGO, to the being itself, the sense of Self, to the I am that we all define as ME.
On the level of “How the lines look at themselves and others” I look at this as the Personal Level. Lines 3 and 4 think of themselves as a person and of others as a person as well, whereas lines 1 and 2 do not
On the level of “How they interract”, the binary of the 3 and 4 I call the “interpersonal”, because lines 3 and 4 are always in an interraction with the other, line 3 bumping or jumping to diverse people every time, while line 4 is always with its friends, finding just the right words to get the message across to their hearts
And Finally lines 5 and 6 correspond to the SUPER-EGO, the Regulatory Mechanism, the “Overriding Consciousness” that either does not interfere or censors either the ID, the EGO or even himself.
The name here for both “How the lines see themselves and others” and “Domain of Interraction” is TRANSPERSONAL. Lines 5 and 6 have a trans-personal gift, they really see the other not as a “Person”, not as a “You” like the 3 or 4 sees them, but as a “Larger aspect of Me”
When lines 1 and 2 look at themselves or the world they do not see persons, not really. Of course, we are more complex than just lines, and to a holistic mind, such laboratory-conditions functional analysis may seem cynic, crude and lifeless, with no understanding of real life dynamics whatsoever. I get that but I still think it may add something to our understanding.
Lines 1 and 2 look at the world and see ID’s, see Essences of Persons, not Persons themselves. They don’t see the Person in front of them and what the person needs, but the complex system of Causes or Drives that lead to the Person we see today. They are more preocupied with the “Background Story” of how yoy got here than with what is really here in front of them.
Lines 3 and 4 look at the world and see EGO’s. They see PERSONS, individuals. They don’t see your Self, they see YOU. And they see you not for what your Self is, but for what your You is.
If we would compare this to the Earth and its structure, we have a Hidden Layer (The Core and the Mantle), the Surface Layer (The Crust and the Biosphere) and then the Atmosphere and Sky.
So let’s also find correspondences with the lines
1 – The Molten Core, the innermost hidden fiery essence of the Earth
2 – The Mantle, the deposit of all precious materials like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gems etc.
3 – The Crust, the “Skin of the Earth” where life stems from the ground, crops grow, flowers and grass grows, where all the bio-diversity comes from
4 – The Biosphere, the Life itself, humans, animals, each their own group and each together as one big Earth-Family
5 – The Atmosphere, that which surrounds and envelops all of Life on earth and shields it from meteors and sun rays so that it may flourish and prosper uninterrupted
6 – The Sky (Beyond the Atmosphere) – the Atmic , the Stars that capture our immagination, our dreams and our hopes. The Symbol of all of that to which we aspire to, the Impersonation of our Highest Ideals and most outlandish goals
See, each line is a gem in and of itself. Each has its own Dominion and its own view. From the 1 who is the Innermost, who is at the core of it all, the Prima Causa to the 6 who is the Outermost, on top of it all, the last Word and the Effect, and everything in between, they form an architecture of consciousness that manifests itself as us.
I digresses because I can’t help it. I always feel like doing all the lines justice and bringing out their core. I’m not just a 5th line Personality, I also have 7 1st lines in my imprinting so deep inside me I need to also do them justice by bringing out the core of every line.
But now on to two preety interesting and also difficult lines when it comes to personal relationships.
We’re gonna talk about the lines of the SUPER-EGO, the 5 and the 6.
Both of them serve the function of the Super-Ego which we know acts as a Controller and Regulator of Thought, Action and Norms. It is the Voice of Judgment and the Voice of Consciousness.
So you bet that both line 5 with its keynote of “Awareness” and the 6 with its keynote of “Consciousness” feel they “Know” something and that something is the Unquestionable and Undeniable Truth.
And if others fail to see and accept the same truth they see, then so much the worse for them.
Now just because line 5 is aware of something, doesn’t necessarily mean its awareness is Valid or “The Truth”. And just because line 6 thinks it is Conscious of something, doesn’t mean that the thing that “touched” the consciousness is what the 6 thinks it is.
Awareness can and most of the time is foggy. The awareness of the 5 is not always cristal clear, yet out of the need for certainty, most 5’s will not think what they see is a POSSIBILITY, but will label it a CERTAINTY.
If they do, they are flat-out wrong. What the 5 is aware of is not a Certainty. Certainly, it could be what they see, but it is like seeing through fog. It may be a bear or something of the sort, or it might not be. But if you reject all other posibilities and insist it is a bear, you may be mistaken.
And the Consciousness of the 6 is even more tricky. The 5th line is related to the Throat and the 3rd eye Chakra, therefore the impression of “Seeing” of “Being aware of” something.
But the 6 is related to the Crown, not to awareness, but to consciousness itself.
If we were to describe mechanically and metaphorically kind of how the 6 becomes “Conscious”, knowing that it is also the energy of the Void, I would have to describe a ball hitting a stretched Bed-Sheet.
At the moment of impact, the previously still consciousness feels a disturbance in its stillness, and by comparing the nature of the disturbance relative to the stillness itself, it “Divines” what kind of object could have created such a disturbance
Indeed, Consciousness is triggered, it is impacted, therefore the sensation of “I am conscious of”.
No, no you are not Conscious of anything in particular. What you are conscious of is that the perfectly stretched bed-sheet that is your consciousness has registered a movement, just like the spider detects that something has hit and disturbed his perfectly still web.
Consciousness is not Awareness. Of course it can combine with awareness but in and of itself, the 6 is not the 5 and has nothing to do with the 5 except that the 2 can fuse with one another to form something greater than both of them.
Our human insecure frail self wants to hang on to anything that might give it a sense of continuity and certainty. And certainly Awareness and Consciousness seem to be able to give us that.
So it’s no wonder that you’ve got all these 5th line dominant types running around being so sure that “I am so aware and my awareness is so clear” when in fact they just see something through a fog
And you also have these 6th line dominant types running around being “I’m so conscious of what is going on in me, in you, in everyone, don’t try to hide anything from my consciousness cause you can’t hide from the All-Conscious Consciousness of Me” when in fact they are just conscious that something hit and disturbed their perfectly still consciousness.
I seek not to blame but rather to eliminate any and all blame for ever and ever. And I attempt to do that by showing just how natural these processes that we see in the others are.
It’s so easy to Cryticize a 6th line dominant person if you are not dominated by them in your profile. And it’s so easy to relate to them and take their side if you are.
Likewise it’s so easy to Chastize a 5th line dominant personality if you are not dominated by them and so easy to defend them if you are.
It’s all as simple as “If you understand that process through your own process you have a natural empathy for that, but if you have little to do with that sort of process and others are your dominants, empathy for that is naturally low so the possibility for insensitivity is greater”
All 5th lines dominant profiles instinctively get what the process is for another 5th line dominant. They feel the same way when they are being labeled, they feel wronged when others tell them “You do not see yourself like I do, you are blind to your shortcomings”
But ask a 4, or a 6, a 1, a 2 or a 3 about the same thing, they will not side with the 5 because they can’t. There is nothing inside them that resonates to that kind of process. they have their own.
It’s so easy to criticyze the 5 as “Being aware of the wrong thing” or the 6 for “Being Conscious of the wrong thing”, but with empathy and compassion for their processes we can understand that they mean no harm, they are just surviving this plane that is not unicorns and rainbows as best as they can. Consciousness or awareness, faulty though it may be is their ticket to certainty and we all need that certainty.
I’ve been a 5th line personality all my life. I cannot really speak for other lines, I can only presupose, but I can tell you what CRUSHES a 5th line.
If you want to destroy a 5th line, do this to them, and they will crumble.
The Weak Point of the 5th line, even more than EXPECTATIONS is CONVINCED LABELING.
Mind you, not any sort of labeling, but Convinced Labeling.
The 5th line is not called the Heretic for nothing. They are BRANDED a heretic, not by their own selves, but by the others who don’t like the 5th lines Awareness.
You could call the 5th line the APPROVAL / DISSAPROVAL line, cause it always elicits both based on how well the awareness of the 5 about something meshes with the awareness of the other about the same thing.
If you are a 5th line and you say to a Rocker “Dude, Rockers are the best bunch in this whole world. I mean seriously, you guys are SO REAL, so honest, so deep, so yourselves, so wild and free, uncompromising and powerful, you are God’s greatest gift to the world and I mean it”, wow, does your Awareness ever mirror back his own awareness. Does it ever mesh well!
By your awareness you will elicit a very high degree of approval from him.
But immagine you go to the same rocker and you say to him “Dude, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you rockers are Satanist Drunk Junkies with a Cocky Larger than life attitude based on just your huge inflated ego with nothing behind it. You guys are the scum of the earth and I wonder how God in his allmighty Grace still lets you live”
Better believe that this awareness will elicit not approval but Dissaproval and branding you as a heretic.
As a 5th line you are here to speak YOUR truth. It may not be THE ONE AND ONLY UNQUESTIONABLE DIVINE TRUTH, it may not even remain true for you for too long, but nevertheless, you are here to speak your truth. If you don’t, you are being a mouse, not a true 5.
You are here not to BELIEVE in your truth, but to speak it, just because it is there inside you for the time being.
But of course you might want to be careful who you give that truth of yours to. If you give the truth “You’re one of the most radiant beings I’ve ever seen” to a beautiful woman while walking hand in hand with your lover on the street, well let’s just say you’re gonna face a lot of dissaproval and you will be branded as a skirt-chaser, a womanizer, an attention whore or “Not a man”
Or if you tell a very cult and smart person “I think you’re really shallow and possibly marginally dumb”, even if you will realize in just 30 minutes how impossibly wrong you were and will come back on your knees asking forgiveness for your misguided awareness, you won’t get it.
As a 5, in relationships and out of it, you better be careful what truth you hold and even more than that, who you tell that truth and how open they are to that truth, because not everybody is a 5 and not everybody will stand being called stupid by you just because it’s the “Flavor of the Moment” which will change in 30 minutes (or not)
Dissaproval for the 5 might range from mild to severe, and when it is severe we’re talking Revenge and Burning at the stake for the injury he caused with his awareness.
For a 5 EVERYTHING hinghes on the approval or dissaproval his truth of the moment receives. If it is approved, he is safe and even celebrated.
But if his momentary truth is dissaproved, he will be boo-ed, stoned and even killed by the angry mob.
What to do? If you are a 5th line personality or if you have many 5 th lines you will get this, if you’re not you probably won’t. But it’s just what it’s like being in this kind of a configuration.
See here in this group, I have your approval, cause I didn’t push any buttons the wrong way (or I hope I didn’t) in any of you. I feel safe here, I feel I can share my insights and my truth of the moment here without facing the danger of public execution.
But if I rubbed any of you the wrong way or started believing bad things about you, even if it is only for 30 seconds, those 30 seconds could cost me my place in the group.
so it is in love too. You always hinge on what labels are being placed on you by the other. If the labels are good, such as “Good lover”, “Kind, Generous, Loving angel of a man”, then all is good under the sun
But if the labels turn to “Mean, hurtful, unempathetic, arrogant, egotistic”, I literally become my label in the eyes of the other.
But the 5 is the NAMELESS. It puts labels on things and people and people put labels on him. It’s just life, it’s just how it operates. In this world, for things to exist they must have a name, a Personal Identification Number.
But the 5 is really nameless. If you want a 5 to be able to survive near you, realize that his labels are just dust, they are just silence, and in labeling he does not really label, he just shares his truth which may well change tomorrow, but that does not mean today’s truth is to be discounted.
And do not label them with bad labels, cause then you will treat them as bad hurtful mean arrogant persons, and the 5 really is sensitive to that. If you want to control a 5, label him as a “Bad person”
To the 5 only 2 names can be given. Either he is THE HERO, or THE VILLAN. But in fact he is neither and he knows it. If he saved you, he knows he is not the savior, he just saved you.
The 5 is seldom taken just for who he is. Not loved, nor hated, just taken for the nameless blackboard he is. You can write any name on the blackboard, yet the blackboard must remain white for a name to be written on it.
The 5 is the blank slate. or as you would say in Game of Thrones “A girl has no name”
People and lovers will call the 5 names, because they need to name him for him to exist. Angel or Demon, the most kind of them all but also the most hurtful. The Love of my life or the Bane of my existance.
I’m crying right now telling you all this. It hurts. It really does. I am none of that. Sure I need to be seen as Good, Well-Intended, Honorable, Kind and not be called “Traitorous, Double-Crossing, Arrogant” just because people feel hurt.
For the love of God, it hurts. Please, DON’T CALL 5’S NAMES. And if they ever want to feel the savior or the hero, don’t tell them “You know, you’re not the savior and I’m not weak and in need of saving”.
They know they’re not JESUS CHRIST INCARNATE, they know they are not the Allmighty Savior of all on which the lives of all depend and without whom they will all perish.
Help them find true honor and glory inside them, cause they need it, or maybe it’s just me who does, not all 5.
Many people, or maybe just a few of the ones I’ve met think 5’s (or maybe just me) are Self-Aggrandizing Assholes who feel small and powerless and become Dictatorial and Commanding and tell others how small, insignifiant and stupid they are to feel powerful and of any real significance in this world.
It is true that Grandeur and its delusion, Glory, Fame, Approval, Favor are all intimately linked to the Power and Rulership theme of the 5th line.
I am no stranger to those themes in my life, they are in my blood. Some think 5’s are doing it for the fame, for the applause, for the Sensation of being given power by the other, for the purpose of Ego-Inflation and Self-Aggrandizement, maybe not all of the time, but at least some of the time.
Others see 5’s as Power Hungry Low-Self-Worth, Approval Seeking, Double Standard Sell-Outs who will praise everyone who gives him approval and money and will disenfranchize anyone who does not approve or contribute to him.
That’s just the 5, it gets a lot of love and praise, it also gets a lot of grief and hate. And instead of people saying “You’re a 5, I can’t help it but label you”, they then try to find reasons and justify that the poor 5 they are hating upon indeed really is the label they put on him.
“Come on, you can’t tell me you’re innocent and the label I just gave you is 100% made up and has 0% to do with reality”, people will say
Well, like all good legends, maybe it has 2-3% to do with reality and the rest of 97% is made up by the one who labels the 5.
So the legend goes, a man bent down and found a penny, then he became the richest man in the world.
The 2-3% that is true out of that legend is that a man bent down and found a penny. And then that penny didn’t even really help that much and he certainly didn’t become rich. But hey, it’s a nice story, way nicer than the Truth “A man bent down, he found a penny and then he had to go to the doctor cause now he had back problems”
I know this has been long and if you’re still reading thank you. I have no idea what is keeping you still reading (or me still writing), but hey, we’re in this dance together so let’s continue if you are still here.
On to the 6
The 5 is the Monarch, the Human Authority of the Hexagram
But the 6, who is not part of Human Affairs is the Pope or the Patriarch, the Divine Representative who acting on behalf of God can either Bless or Curse everything below him.
Both the 5 and the 6 are lines of the Super-Ego so both are sides of “The Authority” or “The Voice of Conscience”
The 5 has the Formal, DE FACTO Authorithy.
But the 6 has the Divine, DE JURE Authority.
And this is the cause of a lot of friction between 5’s and 6’s just like theire is friction between the Monarchy or Presidency and the Church.
It is in the power of the 6 to Judge the Acting King as either a RIGHTFUL KING or a WRONGFUL KING, not based on title or merrit, but based on Divine Will.
If you challenge a 5 you challenge a man, even if he is the Acting King.
But if you challenge a 6 you challenge a Man of God and through him you challenge God Himself. Good luck with that 🙂
The 6 is the last in the hexagram, he is above it all. The 1 is the Root Cause of it all, but the 6 is the Full extent of the Effect. And all the lines in between is just how the Cause mutates and changes into the effect.
The 6 at the top is the Judge, but not as in a Court Judge with lawyers, but a Divine Judge, like the Pope who decides if your life is worth going to haven or not.
The 5’s tone may be formal, official, scolastic, and it cannot be otherwise. His voice is the voice of Formal Authority.
The tone of the 5 is the tone of a King who issues Decrees.
But the tone of the 6 is High up above it all not giving decrees but passing on DIVINE SENTENCES.
The words of the 5 issue Decrees to be followed by all men, but the words of the 6 send you either straight to heaven or straight to hell. You are either blessed or damnated.
The De Jure Authority is a much more powerful authority as the de facto authority of the 5.
And even young 6’s, like 5 or 10 year old will feel that I AM THE AUTHORITY in my family, not Mom and Dad.
6/2’s and especially 6/3’s have A LOT of problems with authority figures especially formal authority figures like parents or teachers, because they instinctively feel they are at the top, above all of it and so the De Jure authority.
Even in the couple, they can be partners,but they will never bow down or submit, because their personality always points them to “Hey, you are the De Jure Authority, God bows to no one”
That does not mean the 6 knows how to pass correct judgments, only that it will because it is compelled to.
And as time goes by and he ages, he gets more and more perspective on the judgments and appraisals of “Heaven and Hell” he gave so IN TIME he becomes wise.
But IN TIME, not from the get-go.
Yet 6’s feel they are allready wise and they allready make great character judges.
Not saying they aren’t, some are, but if they always think that “Just because I’m me and I have the function of the De Jure Authority I Automatically see you for who you are and can judge your worth acordingly”, they will always make the wrong call
The 6’s are not there to be the ONE AND ONLY VOICE of the super ego. They are not. That’s why there are also 5’s there.
The super-ego has to do 2 things:
– See people for who they are, not by labeling them but by removing all labels and seeing their naked unnamable soul (that’s the 5)
– Valuing that Soul and blessing it.
6’s feel they have to DECIDE a soul’s worth and it falls to them to be the Decider, not the Blessor.
6’s feel it’s up to them to tell the Merchant how much the Tomatos should cost. If he sells them for 5$ a pound but the 6 feels they should only cost 2,5$ a pound, he will feel compelled to tell the Merchant, because he feels his job is Value appraisal.
And in a manner of speaking it is. Indeed he is the one tasked with value appraisal, but even more than that, he is there to empart the blessings of God onto all, not to judge them as sinners and saints, but to love and bless them all.
People will flock to the 6 to ask for permission, approval and blessing.
And if you thought the 5 had it hard, let me tell you, the 6 doesn’t have it easy either.
My mom, my Dad, my Sister, plus my uncle and 1 of my cousins are all 6/2’s. And my girlfriend is a 6/3.
I’m not a 6 but I’ve seen their process from the outside.
And I’ve noticed my reaction to them.
A 6 will always look at you with the eye of a jeweler trying to determine the worth of you as a jewel. Will you be merely cut glass, unfit even for the lowest peasant, or will you be the Hope Diamond fit for a king?
Like the 5 who tells you what he sees in you, who he sees you are, the 6 tells you what you’re worth.
If he says “You look weak and frail, but make no mistake, you are worth what no king can pay”, wow, what a blessing. Nobody can ever take that away from you. You are WORTHY of eating with God at his Banquet Table.
But if he says “You are dressed like a million bucks, but your sould would hardly fetch a dime on the market. You are rotten and selfish, shriveled and weak inside”, how would you look at the 6?
The 5 has this theme of Exaltation, but when it turns sour, it becomes Repulsion and Hate
But the 6 has the theme of Worship and Adoration, and when it turns sour it becomes Excomunication, Ignoration, Turning of the back, Disdain and Despise.
Oh, 5’s feel Booed, Condemned, Branded and Burned at the Stake for no good reason
But 6’s feel Ignored, Exiled, Disdained and Despised for no good reason
The Pain and Anguish of separation the 6 feels when he feels Disdained and Despised by the one or the ones he loves is like having your Soul being ripped out from inside of you while still being alive and making you watch as it is boiled in oil and feel every bit of its suffering.
The 5 feels the Terror of imminent burning at the stake so he becomes ever-Paranoid that he’s gonna be condemned
But the 6 feels the Cruelty inherent in ignoring and turning your back to him so he becomes ever skeptical  that you won’t turn your back on him.
To literally step in front of the 6 or turn your back to him hurst a lot, cause these are archetypal symbolic gestures of “I exile you, I banish you, I ignore you” and this is the worst form of Despise one can show a 6.
To show a 6 Complete Disregard is to Curse him, his sensitivity and his Soul. It’s to spit on his Shrine and for that you better be ready to face Divine Judgement from him.
6’s are known for being impossibly “Propper” and “Well Behaved”, the most out of any line of the hexagram. And they insist you rise up to the ocasion too and not be a hillbilly.
The 6’s are the most well mannered of the bunch by a lot. Other lines don’t even come close. For them Politeness, Culture, Manners, that’s the name of the Game.
Again, it’s symbolic. When in the Church you don’t act as if you’re on the street. And when they’re around, you’re in the church (and they are too, each day, every day)
You adress others (and him) as you would adress God. With Reverence, Humbleness, Due Dilligence.
We call the 6 the ROLE MODEL.
This is what he is a Role-Model for. PROPPER CONDUCT. He is a Role-Model of Propper Conduct. And he expects you to at least try. Not to do it as best as he does, but at least try to be propper, not show complete disregard to things you would do in a church like talk quietly, not try to attract attention, show respect and reverence to God, etc.
You can do anything near a 6. But you can never show disrespect, be inconsiderate, arrogant, prideful, full of yourself through your  behavior.
The 6 is very interested in Manifestation, in Behavior, not in what lies beneath.
An arrogant man who behaves humbly and respectfully in the eyes of the 6 is a much better Role-Model than a humble man who behaves arogantly and boastfully.
Of course the 6 is interested in who you are as well, in what your core is. But he is more concerned in how that “Who you are” is manifested in “How you behave” and “What you do”.
Cause what good is loving your mother and respecting her if when she is sick instead of running in a hurry to get her to a hospital you say “Sorry Mom, I’m busy watching my favorite movie”
Line 5 is very Emphatic, Demonstrative, Illustrative, line 6 is not. Its demonstration is not show-off-ish like in the 5, it is just the way he normally behaves. He demonstrates the correct behavior by being that man through which the propper behavior is exhibited for all others to take example and model it as best they can
For the 6, Propper / Impropper is everything.
Propper language, propper respect, propper conduct, propper courtesy, it’s a thing, and even from a young age, others see that in them.
They show you respect first, they conduct themselves appropriately with you first, they extend to you propper courtesy first. They do. They demonstrate “What propper looks like” by being themselves. But then they expect you to pick up on that and try to emulate your own version of that, not disregard what is “propper”
It’s like you don’t come to church wearing short pants and bling-blings, that is just show-off-ish and has no propper place inside the holy place.
Well-educated, Well-Behaved, Well-Mannered means A LOT to 6’s and if you chose to disregard that or dismiss that as “not my style” or “not important”, be ready for the 6 to also ignore you, cause for a 6 thise things really matter.
He will be the first to demonstrate proper civility, proper manners, proper behavior, so you have an example, but if you don’t follow the lead, you’re not admitted into the Church or into Heaven and that’s that, they’re the De Jure Authority and they know it.
Even if you’re the 5, or more likely, Especially if you’re the 5, then you really need to leave all those things the 5 is known for at the door of the temple. In the face of God there are no Kings and Peasants. That is the realm of man. In the face of God we are all humble service and in the House of God, trying to go to the altar and acting all cocky just because you are king will get you thrown out of the Church.
Wherever the 6 is, the Church is. Wherever he is, God is. He acts humbly and respectfully demonstrating how one should also act humbly and respectfully. If you choose to follow to the steps of the altar, please do, but if you want to get in the altar or act as you would in the outer world where the laws of Man and not the laws of God apply, then kindly step out of the Church.
The king may have his pallace, his servants, his sycophants and his banquets, but De Facto Rulership is not De Jure Rulership.
De facto is just what is, but de Jure is what is Rightful and Righteous.
So between the 5 and the 6 there’s always this “You’re the 5, you are the acting and ruling king, but I the 6 am the Voice of the Rightful authority which is God. And you better be humble and know your place as equal among men not as superior to them if you want my blessing for another 5 years”
It’s not an easy life as a 6, always wearing sunday clothes, always on your best behavior, always critycized by others for being elitist, high-nosed and holier-than-the-pope when all you really want is to go into the altar in your Pijamas and not be counted upon to be the perfect example of well-behavior, but the perfect example of whatever you feel like being in the moment.
And this is the good news for 6’s.
You are not here to be the “perfect example of well-behavior”. You don’t have to be Exhibit A in the hall of Good Children, Good Lovers or Good Citizens. You are enough just by being yourselves.
And the world may turn its back on you, but you are not the World’s Child, but God’s Child. And though the world may praise others, worship others and look to others for value-appraisal, God will never Forsake you, for 6’s are truly God’s Favorite Children and the closest to his chair.
The Vulnerability for 6’s is Being Ignored or turning your back on them, both literally and metaphorically.
And people generally turn their back on 6’s when the 6’s appraisal of them is “Don’t be cocky, you’re not worth that much”.
If the 6 comes and says “Good boy, you’re worth a Gold Star”, you worship him.
But if he comes and slaps you over the face with his truth and his judgement saying “You think you’re God’s gift but in fact you’re just self inflated and in denial”, you turn your back on him and go to another who will confirm that you are covered in gold and diamonds, despising him in the process for being a “bad fortune teller”
We will always come for Confirmation to 6’s. All of us, even 5th lines. And we will always pray that they confirm us or that their appraisal will be a grade A+ not a grade F-.
Just like 5’s need to not be labeled and called names, 6’s need us to treat them with respect and not turn our back on them and ignore them if we don’t like their appraisal.
Just like for the 5, whose truth today may not be the same tomorrow, the 6’s Evaluation of us may not be the same tomorrow as it is today, but that doesn;t mean we can just ignore today’s valuation because tomorrow it will change.
If a 6 says “You’re not worth as much as you think you are”, it doesn’t mean that this is the Absolute one and Only Truth and there’s no way around it for ever and ever. But it does mean that you have to take that into consideration and you have to show him propper respect for sharing his vision and evaluation with you, not because the evaluation itself is acurate (cause maybe it is maybe it is far from it), but because he gave of his energy to you to evaluate you.
The 6 is not to be judged and Worshiped based on the acuracy of his Evaluation of you. Only God truly knows what you’re worth. We men can only Speculate.
But the 6 is to be appreciated for the dilligence, respect, courtesy he shows us and for the time he puts into processing our worth through his system and then relaying it back to us.
So in short,
Don’t label or blame or Judge the 5’s for their Truth if you don’t like it. Don’t burn them on the Cross. They are gentle sensitive souls
And don’t ignore, turn your back or become disrespectful toward 6’s just because they judged your worth and found you wanting. They trusted you with their heart in giving you their evaluation of you. Show some propper respect.
Thank you for bearing with me if you read this far. I’ll see you guys in Findhorn. Thank you for your kind and generous support. I shall not forget it!
Yours with love,