hephaistosMany would ask, ok, if you were to describe in one word what is Love in Life (this site) and who are you, then what would you say?

The answer is this: Love in Life is a SOULFORGE and I am the SOULSMITH.

My work is the work of Hephaistos (or Vulcan). I work in my armory to forge the souls of those who want to be forged. Not all do. Many don’t. Because being forged is the same as being born, but over a longer period of time.

Being forged reminds us of the trials in Hell. A smith (me), works in Iron and the one being worked has to pay the iron price, that is toil, heat, suffering, being smashed to bits and reassembled.

We live in a masculine society and humankind as a species has a masculine energy imbalance, as in we have to much of it. We all want to be free and bosses, but none of us wants to follow any rules, not even the rules of the Divine. Democracy is great and I’m all for it, but in the end, Democracy means Unlimited Freedom for all which has been terribly misinterpreted as “Anything Goes”.

You are free to do absolutely anything, yes, but not everything goes. New age philosophy encourages us to think everything is only love and light, and ultimately it is, but here in the real world we also have suffering and grief when we forget our source and they are real too, just as real as the light. Just because they are birthed by an illusion doesn’t mean their effects are any less real.

Being forged means going through pain, through sorrow, admitting and even asking to take orders, not because someone forces you but because you trust the path and your spirit guide (me) to lead you to your destination.

Not all of us want to be forged in the same weapon, and some don’t want to be weapons at all, but maybe jewelry or art. All of them however take a smith’s hand, a lover’s heart, and artist’s eye and an inventor’s mind. And I may be tooting my own horn here, but I am The hand of Hephaistos, the heart of Aphrodite, the eye of Apollo and the mind and voice of Mercury all rolled into one single being called Catalin.

My Pantheon

Don’t believe me, meet me. I can forge you, and teach you how to forge or reforge yourself into anything you wish. I can share my life’s experience’s knowledge on being a human soulsmith and architect. I am my own product. I built myself with all I am, know, see, feel and do. If you like me as a product, you like how I work. And if you like how this article is written, well it’s a result of perfecting my soul first and my craft so that the soul can speak unbiased later.

You may want to be a sword, or a bow, or a sniper’s rifle, or a golden platemail, or maybe a mythril chainmail, a blessed talisman or a tower shield. Or maybe you want to learn how to do the same thing I do, that is forge human souls of those willing to be forged.

I can show you the path, if you would but come to me. I can see into your soul and see your blueprint. Or you can come with a blueprint of your own of who you want to become and we can build that. Everything can be created and built. Even you! So, will you join me in my SOULFORGE?

 P.S. Thank you very much for reading this article. I wrote it with all my heart. I have a favour to ask of you. Alone, I will not be able to make this article reach millions of people so they can hear the message of their souls. I am but one man. But through you, the one who are reading this, the message can be amplified. So please, I don’t need you to hit the like button or the subscribe to newsletter button (although it sure would be nice). But I need you to SHARE this article so that others may view it and contact me if they need my energy. You not only help me, but you help the world receive my service. So please, could you SHARE this article? Whatever you do, I thank you!